Membership Pass NFT

The Benji Bananas Membership Pass is an ERC-1155 token on Ethereum that is purchasable exclusively using APE.
During the first sale event, a total of 5,000 1st Edition Membership Passes were made available for purchase. A Membership Pass is required to participate in the Benji Bananas Play-to-Earn ecosystem and receive any PRIMATE earned through play. Only Membership Pass holders are eligible to receive PRIMATE by playing Benji Bananas.
APE coins received from the sales of the Membership Pass are used to seed the liquidity pool for APE/PRIMATE. The amount of APE allocation decreases over time with each sale, although the total amount of Membership Passes increases. The result is that the earliest adopters and most regular players will enjoy the highest Play-to-Earn yield.

Membership Pass Token Details

The Membership Pass has three basic attributes of Name, Description, and Edition. The name and description are the same across all sales.


Benji Bananas Membership Pass


The Benji Bananas Membership Pass allows holders to receive rewards for playing the Benji Bananas game.


1st Edition*
*Season 1 is first reward of the initial APE allocation and other tokens, Season 1 passes entitle you to participate in all future season events
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